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While waiting in line for the ride, music and short video clips are played on screens overhead. Following is a full transcript of the songs and videos that play:

The song Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News is followed by a clip (very similar to that in The Secrets of the Trilogy on VHS and the DVDs,) which states...

"The Delorean Time Machine. A one of a kind scientific wonder.  Capable of travesrsing the very fabric of time itself. The DeLorean time machine was unveiled to the world by inventor Doctor Emmett Brown in 1985, after years of exhaustive research.   Brown's thirst for scientific knowledge led to the creation of what is considered to be his greatest achievement...the flux capacitor. The possibilities are as endless as time itself. When excellerated to 88 miles per hour the DeLorean time machine is proof positive that time travel is indeed a reality. As with all ground-breaking ideas, improvements are inevitable. In time, the ever-ingenious Doc Brown returned to his laboratory for a complete new-working of the DeLorean concept. 

Ground travel as a mode of transportation was fine, but for traveling forward to the future, Doc Brown took the DeLorean concept to new heights. Modified and futurized from the year 2015, the DeLorean was able to defy gravity, as well as the time barrier. But when traveling through time, you're going to encounter some different terrain. Whether you're crossing the high plains, or riding the rails of the old West, the DeLorean time machine is just the vehicle for the job. And you can see it now at the Institute of Future Technology."

The next song played is Johnny B Goode, which is followed by a welcome from one of Doc's assistannts. "Hello, and thanks for coming to the Institute of Future Technology. On behalf of Doctor Emmett Brown, institute founder and chief inventive officer, we hope that you have a very pleasant visit."

Before the next clip, a mixture of music by Alan Sivestri is played.  Then we see Doc Brown via hover-cam: "Ah ha! It works! GREETINGS VOLUNTEERS! Doc Brown here! I am currently traveling down the Hill Valley skyway in the year 2015.  Soon I will return to the institute to send you one whole day through time. Of course there seems to be a small problem. Listen up volunteers: this concerns you. The current wherabouts, or should I say whenabouts of Biff Tannen are unknown. It seems he's missing from the year 1955. I dont know how or why this could be, but if Biff is allowed to roam freely throught time, it could skew history as we know it......WATCH WHERE YOU'RE HOVERING!" A wreckless hoverer zooms past the Delorean and Doc continues, " I'll be back soon time travel volunteers, and remember: STAY ALERT!"

The next group of music begins with the Back to the Future theme, and Doubleback, by ZZ Top.

After the music stops, DOC ON THE MARCH begins, where we see Doc visit Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers first flight, Albert Einstien, a Richard Nixon speech, and a 1964 Beatles appearance.

After Silvestri's Back to the Future III theme, Doc comes to us once more by hover-cam in one of my favorite and funny segments:
"I did it! Doctor Emmett Brown here. Please pardon the crudity of this broadcast signal, but I'm comming to you from the year 2015. I've managed to rewire this hover-cam so that I can beam transmissions to you people back in the present. Unfortunatley what I'm about to tell you is of potentially catastrophic proportions.  Brace yourself, time travel volunteers, this is heavy! It seems that Biff is lose somewhere in time. But just where or rather when he is, I'm not quite sure. But keep your eyes open; the one thing I do know is that Biff will most certainly use time travel as his own peronal game, as he did when he got a hold of this [the almanac]. It was right here that Biff found the sports almanac and devised his devilish plan.  By stealing the DeLorean and traveling back to 1955 with the almanac Biff was able to give himself forbidden knowlege about the outcome of every major sporting event for the next 50 years. And the result was catastrophic. Biff had succeeded in creating a nightmare-come-true. Luckily, we were able to regain the almanac and restore the space-time continuum. But believe me, that isn't my idea of fun.  I cannot stress enough that bringing back even the smallest item from the future can create the most incredible complication.  Once again, time travelers, information from the future must not be abused. Biff must be stopped. I will return to the institute shorty so remain calm. We will proceed with my plan as scheduled. You will be sent one whole day into the future. It may  not seem like much,  but any more than a day might be a shock to your system.  Crossing the time barrier is not for the weak at heart.  One more thing, when I send you one day into the future and you should happen to see yourself in line: DONT SAY HI TO YOURSELF! Trust me on that one."

The next song is Back in Time, by Huey Luis and the News. The music continues with more by Alan Silvestri...the
Clocktower theme
.  The next clip is titled, DOC BROWN: THE INVENTIVE YEARS, where we learn about Doc's other inventions:  An Automated FlapJack Maker, Automatic Dog-food bowl, Static-hair chair, and Dynomatic Spray Gun.

As we reach the end of the list, the BTTF Theme is played once more.
In the last video clip, Doc explains some of his new IFT (Institute of Future Technology) inventions, including the 8 passenger DeLorean. "It's this baby that will send you one day into the future."
Video Clips and Music
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For the ultimate on-site Back to the Future Ride photo album...visit!
You'll find countless additional pictures by a dedicated Universal Studios fan and photographer.